Catch Up And Muster

Tuesday September 1st, 2009 – Chicago, IL/St. Charles, IL

Day after day after day after day I seem to be busy from sunup to late at night and I have no idea how I’m ever going to get everything caught up. It really amazes me how time has a way of vaporizing before my very eyes and it’s already September 1st. I had a lot of stuff planned for this summer but summer’s gone now and most of it didn’t even get started.

I intended to record a version of my comedy classes on both DVD and CD and grow my base of operations so I can reach more people. I still intend to do that but it won’t be done any time soon. I’m too busy flying around like a bumble bee going from plant to plant and finding time to write and produce a huge project like that seems overwhelming right now.

Every project I’m working on is really fun and that’s what’s making it so tough to make a decision as to which one(s) are the best use of my limited time. Comedy is not making a solid living like it used to, at least not the way I’m doing it. I have to stretch out and grow my business skills to find new places to work for more money. That will take some work.

I didn’t have any time to put into it today because I had to pick up Jerry Agar and drive into Chicago to rehearse a theatre version of Jerry’s Kidders we’re developing with Vicki Quade, the person who wrote and produced a play called “Late Night Catechism”. She’s a talented writer and knows how to produce a theatre production and we’re learning a lot.

None of us have experience in the theatre and what we’re doing is basically disguising a standup show as a play. A guy named Rob Becker did a fantastic job with that with a very successful show called “Defending The Caveman”. He’s a multi millionaire from that and it’s still running all over the country even though he’s not performing it. He hired actors.

Vicki has a lot of experience in theatre and she’s very easy to work with. She sat in with us at WLS a few times and fit in very well. We all like her and this is a comfortable fit for everyone. Vicki knows how to turn a buck and she wouldn’t be working with us if we did not have potential. We’ve been working on this for a while now and it’s starting to build.

We did our run through of the show for the first time and made excellent notes. Each of us had ideas and added something to the mix. Our chemistry is excellent and we all know this is a team effort and everyone has been cooperative and it shows. We’re all optimistic. There’s no guarantee we’ll be booked but Vicki thinks we’ll be able to carve out a niche.

Classes are fun too but I don’t have them in a position to really pay off financially. I am still recovering from the ugliness with my ex business partner but I can’t moan about that forever. He’s gone and I don’t miss him and one way or another I need to start over again.

That’s what I did tonight. I taught a free class at Zanies in the Pheasant Run Resort and about 35 people showed up. It was really fun and I think I’ll be able to get enough to start a beginner level session next week. I compiled all the names and will start my own list of students. I did it before and I’ll do it again. I just wish I had more time to work it all out.


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