Off The Deep End

Sunday August 23rd, 2009 – Kenosha, WI/Lake Villa, IL

I’m starting to get back in a walking groove again and I feel better already. I had to miss yesterday because I needed to be at WGN for Jerry’s Kidders early in the morning so I did two laps today to make up for it. I must admit I was hurting for a while near the middle of it but I didn’t quit and finished strong. My heart was pumping and I was a sweat machine.

Doing a little exercise for a few days or even a few months isn’t going to reverse all the horrible food and gross amounts of sugar and animal fats I’ve crammed into my cake hole in a lifetime but it’s a positive start. Now I need to make it a habit for as long as I’m alive. Starting and stopping like I have been won’t really help anything. It has to become habit.

One thing that’s really becoming a good habit is the Mothership Connection radio show on WLIP AM 1050 in Kenosha, WI. Tonight was another fun program and we went about as far into deep thought as I can ever recall hearing or being part of on any radio station in my experience. We got into the meaning of life and why we’re here and it was cleansing.

The last few weeks we had a full house in studio but tonight it was only Dr. Destruction and Lara Shaffer as our other co-host Diane Ebert was feeling sick and wanted to have the night off. Gary Pansch can only be in studio the first hour because he has to work. He left after his weekly ‘Mothership Hall of Fame’ segment and we started off on deep thoughts.

We kept talking and throwing in different angles and it was very interesting, at least for the three of us in studio. Dr. D and Lara are intelligent people and I like to think I can stay with most anyone when it comes to topics like this and we started clicking and interacting and before we knew it an hour went by. We all agreed it was by far our best riffing ever.

I’m not sure how it would have gone over on a bigger station and that’s what makes this experience so much fun. WLIP is a real radio station but it’s not WGN so I don’ t have to be concerned so much about appealing to the masses. We can go in whatever direction we feel like, within reason. Tonight wasn’t necessarily our normal direction but it was good.

We’ve got some regular callers who like the station in general and they’d probably stick with us if we read bean dip recipes for three hours. That’s not an insult to them but rather a tribute to the radio station. WLIP has been a part of Kenosha for decades and I never am lost on that fact. There are many people in town who have it locked in 24 hours a day.

Granted, many of them are older and might not be used to hearing about space aliens or most of the other things we talk about but I can feel we’re getting a following and it’s fun to go in every week knowing there are people listening. We’re growing this organically.

We hung around the studio afterward and riffed some more on how we might be able to turn a buck eventually. Nobody knew. What we did know is that we’re starting to find our groove and it’s working out really well. Two grooves in one day is very positive. Walking builds my physical self and the show builds my mental and spiritual self. It’s all positive.


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