Time For A Tweak

Wednesday June 17th, 2009 – Bowling Green, OH/Lake Villa, IL

Almost everyone I know right now and several million more that I don’t are in a state of drastic life change. I’m not talking about a trendy new hair style or buying a new brand of underwear or cereal or shampoo. I’m referring to a complete and total revamp of lifestyle, career and way of thinking from the ground up. This is happening nationwide but quick.

What was true and could be counted on even a year or two ago is no longer the case. It’s unbelievably scary in one way but extremely exciting in another. These so called horrible times could and will be a major launching pad for quite a few new and exciting fortunes.

I really want mine to be one of them. That would be a worthy goal just so I could give it all away (or at least a big chunk of it) and enjoy it with a lot of other people too. My own needs are secondary at this point. My standards are low because I’ve learned to live like a cockroach and I actually don’t mind it all that much. I just want money to not be an issue.

Unfortunately it is for the moment. I have backed myself into a bit of a corner and have to be careful and crafty to work my way out of it. I don’t intend to cheat or steal but I will have to get some streams of income coming in relatively soon if I want to continue living indoors. And I’d also like to improve the quality and location of the doors I’m living near.

I had a fantastic drive home today from Bowling Green. I took the Toyota I was storing at Jerry Agar’s house and the CD player got jammed somehow. Jerry’s son Tanner said he tried to put a CD in it and it froze up. Initially I was a little irritated but there was nothing I could do about it and the radio was already limited because the antenna was broken off.

I drove over 600 miles to and from Bowling Green mostly in silence. I did get a few FM stations but not for long and after a while I actually enjoyed the quiet. It allowed me to get in a good mental groove and think about life there and back and I put my ideas down on a legal pad so I can begin my own redefinition and change of identity. It’s time for a tweak.

I also had a lot of phone calls to keep me busy. Jim McHugh encouraged me to keep on expanding the Uranus Factory Outlet concept. I also talked to Greg Phelps in Indianapolis at length about packaging and order fulfillment of several products. He does it for a living now but he was a road comic for years. He’s a good friend and wants to help this develop.

There are a lot of people who can help me grow and a huge part of what will put this all together is my ability to be the head of many different teams doing many different project ideas. It’s a system and a format much like an assembly line. Henry Ford used that and so did Berry Gordy. They each tweaked it to their needs and I really think I can do the same.

I don’t have to exploit people either. All I want to do is find strengths and place people I know in a position that can benefit both parties and keep doing that until some money is a by product. I don’t have to be greedy. They can make money too and in fact I hope they’re getting paid because that means I will be too. I can DO this. If I don’t it’s my own fault.

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