Radio Times Two

Sunday April 26th, 2009 – Chicago, IL/Kenosha, WI

All radio all day – and all night too. Just when I thought Jerry’s Kidders were history we were called upon once again to be on with Jerry Agar on WLS. Jerry has been filling in at the station from time to time and it fit his schedule to have us on so we all gladly said yes.

It’s really fun to hang out with the guys and whether or not it ever leads to anything else doesn’t matter at all. Since we’re not doing it every week anymore it’s not a drain on time for anyone and is in fact a special occasion of sorts. We all get a chance to hang out on air at a legendary radio station but the big fun is hanging out after the show in a restaurant.

There’s a positive history with us and we’re all comfortable with each other so it makes for a relaxed fun time. There’s something about being on the air with someone that forms a bond but I can’t explain exactly what it is. I know it’s there though. Everyone feels it.

It’s not only with this group either. I feel a very strong bond with both Max and Spike from the Loop and that was several years ago now. The three of us don’t get together that often but when we do there is definitely a synergy there and we all have talked about it.

Jerry and I have been friends for many years but we’ve never had a job together. We’ve both been on each other’s shows as guests or callers on occasion but this is the first time we’ve had a regular bit. Tim Slagle and Ken Sevara are also great to work with and we’ve gelled together kind of like a band. We all know our roles and we’ve never clashed at all.

We hadn’t been on the air in a while but everything was clicking today and we all felt it. We were very loose and comfortable in the studio and the half hour zoomed by. We were in the groove as a team and when that happens it makes not getting paid worth our while.

None of us mind not getting paid but obviously we’d all love to find a way to turn all of this fun time into paid fun time. I was able to get a perk out of it today though as after our lunch Jerry and I went back to the radio station to record a half hour interview for use at a later date. I can put it up on my website or slice it up and use it as a bonus track on a CD.

If I have one thing in life it’s a lot of interesting stories. Jerry has known me for years so he asked me some questions and I answered them. It flowed really well so there shouldn’t be any problem posting it somewhere with not a lot of editing. I just thought it would be a chance for someone who might be my fan to have a little extra at some point so we did it.

After dropping Jerry off at home I drove straight to Kenosha, WI to be on WLIP for our weekly Mothership Connection show at 9pm. That’s another group of people who are fun to hang out with and that show went well too. We were all relaxed and the time flew by.

Again, nobody’s getting paid but still we all enjoy doing it. So we do. Money is nice to think about and hopefully it will start to flow soon but even if it doesn’t fun days like this are what keep everyone going. Good times with good people are what a good life make.

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