Dance Fever

Friday March 27th, 2009 – St. Charles, IL

   OK, that’s more like it. Back on track for two very strong shows at Zanies tonight. This is a lot more of what I was expecting and even the late show was really cooking. I thought they were going to be a little rowdy but they settled in nicely and I had a lot of fun with it.

   The process of a live comedy show is very much a dance with the audience. I’m the one leading but if they don’t follow nobody’s having any fun. When they let me take them any and all directions is when it really gets fun and that’s what I felt tonight. I was in control.

   I love life when the shows are like this. My mind is alive and sharp and I feel every tiny nerve ending inside me tingle as I shape the raw energy into a show that’s unique to each particular audience. That’s what I did twice tonight and after each show I was drenched in sweat and what a great feeling that is to know I’ve given everything I possibly can give.

   The early show was pretty packed and I had several former students come out to see me. I’m always very flattered when that happens and tonight was no different. Steve Stern is a high school teacher by trade but he’s very funny and one of my all time favorite students.

   He was going through a horrible divorce when he took my class years ago and it helped him funnel his pain a little. He was great in his graduation show but he knew he couldn’t pursue comedy any farther and he was fine with that. He just wanted to explore it a little.

   We’ve been in contact for probably a dozen years now and it’s people like Steve that are the reason I love teaching so much. That process is very much a dance too and if they will let me lead I always promise I’ll take them to a place that will allow them to be their best.

   I really had a fantastic time on stage tonight but after the shows I realized how piss poor my marketing is right now. I don’t have anything to sell or any cards to pass out and I am just plain stupid for not doing it. Many of these people are first timers and I could develop them into regulars if I let them know I’m coming back. This has to stop and I mean today.

   I have some postcard size cards I had made up a while back which are now obsolete but at least they have my name on it and my phone number. I had them made mainly to start a buzz about Uranus Factory Outlet and also to push WLS radio appearances on Mondays.

   I never did get one just for comedy shows and that’s insane. Why not? I have no excuse other than I just didn’t do it and tonight I blew a chance to stay on top of two outstanding audiences who would probably love to know when I’m coming back. I’m embarrassed for not being on the ball but I can change that and I will. That’s my first order of business.

   Before the show the manager Cyndi took us out to eat at the Harvest restaurant which is in the Pheasant Run Resort. WOW, what a place. They have upgraded it into a fine dining establishment that’s as outstanding as any restaurant I’ve ever eaten. Ever. And I’ve eaten at a lot of great places. It was fun to hang out and enjoy one of the best meals I ever had.


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